Here at Cloud 9, we believe that play and recreation are essential for young children, providing them a chance to learn to enjoy a healthy life balance during their most formative years. Children’s regular use of technology has grown to staggering levels, with the average age of cell phone and computer use getting younger each year. Cloud 9 is dedicated to helping bring back the joy of real entertainment to children, away from the screen.

In so many ways, our bounce houses provide a unique outlet that can enhance children’s overall well-being, by providing them a way to enjoy physical exercise, engage in creative expression as well as participate in meaningful social interaction with other children. And let’s not forget – bounce houses are so much fun, kids won’t even realize all the added benefits they are receiving. They’re just busy playing!

Whether you are looking for a bounce house to host the occasional kids’ birthday party or neighborhood block party at your house, or are a business seeking a heavy-duty commercial bouncy house for ongoing events, Cloud 9 has your needs covered! Our premium quality inflatable bounce houses are available in many fun, colorful styles to suit any occasion.

At Cloud 9, we want to make sure you get more bounce for your buck! We offer quality products without the premium price tag, so you can afford to own a bounce house instead of renting one!  Our direct-to-consumer business model enables us to deliver the most competitive prices by eliminating the costly markups common with many other retailers today. We also sell our products exclusively online, effectively removing in-store overhead costs and middleman profits – bringing you the best value possible.