Choosing the right fan blower for your inflatable bouncer can make or break your event. Don’t risk the hassle or inconvenience of an inferior blower ruining a party, event, or worse, your business reputation! CFM PRO blowers available at Cloud 9 ensure reliable, lasting performance you can count on.

CFM PRO is well known for manufacturing powerful yet quiet, highly efficient commercial-grade blowers specifically designed for use with commercial inflatable bounce houses. Manufactured with top durability in mind, our extra strong motors produce more CFM per watt than comparable blowers. They are also built with a heavy-duty, rugged construction which features a sturdy composite housing, making CFM PRO fans are a necessity for any commercial bounce house owner.

Despite their tough and rugged appeal, CFM PRO blowers are still relatively lightweight and portable, making them ideal for setting up your bounce house operation anytime, anywhere. They also feature a sturdy base to help prevent tipping over, as well as a safety grill to protect the fan from debris and foreign objects. CFM PRO blowers are also versatile, great for use with outdoor bounce houses, water slides, obstacle courses, jumpers, as well as other inflatables.

Equipped for safe operation, the CFM PRO blower features a recessed power switch protected by a water-proof rubber shield. Comes with a grounded, 3-prong plug. Always be sure to use GCFI-protected receptacles/circuits and take caution to keep blower and power cords in dry locations. Do not use in windy or other inclement weather. Make sure bounce house is secured to the ground prior to use outdoors.

You might also consider getting an extra backup reserve blower, just in case. Would you drive a car without a spare tire? You could, but why risk it? For a business, an extra blower is simply reassurance for your next party/event as well!

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