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Creating Healthy, Happy and Confident Bodies Through Play

Modern technology has been both a positive and negative game-changer on society, pervasive in every aspect. Most classrooms are now equipped with the latest technology, a staggering number of children have their own cell phones, and some software companies are even targeting products to infants and toddlers. With obesity and depression on the rise – and studies increasingly linking these health conditions to technology – how can parents help their children find balance and return to a more natural state of play? While it can be difficult to get kids to engage in activity away from the screen, a bounce house can be the perfect way to encourage kids to get the movement they need while still having fun!

If you’ve never considered owning an inflatable bounce house, you might be surprised at how affordable, durable, and easy to set up they can be. For less than the cost and inconvenience of renting once, you can purchase a bouncy house and allow your kids to enjoy hours of endless entertainment!

Helps improve physical and emotional health

Engaging in physical activity and regular exercise has been shown to be a vital part of health for all ages, but especially children. The importance of play and recreation in young children can’t be emphasized enough, as it provides so many health benefits. Exercise has been proven to help decrease feelings of depression and anxiety, as well as help ward off childhood obesity and its resulting complications, like diabetes. In addition, being outdoors has been shown to have a highly positive effect, helping to improve concentration and mood.

Improves social and communication skills

The active playtime that a bounce house encourages cannot be matched by a computer screen. The social bonding that occurs between children when engaging in a physical recreational activity offers a new kind of stimulation and healthy interaction with their peers. The relationships they develop through story-telling, make-believe, and jumping around having fun benefits them on many levels, encouraging complete physical, social and emotional well-being. This play time fosters better communication skills and healthy physical development, which in turn aids confidence and overall happiness.

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