What is covered?
Defects in manufacturing such as incomplete stitching, or improper sewing that affect the functionality of the inflatable. 

What is the timeline for coverage? 
90 days from the date of purchase. 

Under what circumstances are replacement parts, full-unit replacements, or full refunds allowed? 
We will repair or replace the defective inflatable within the guarantee period. 
No refunds or credits will be issued after 30 days from the date of purchase. 

Who is covered under the warranty? 
The guarantee is non-transferable and covers the original purchaser only. 

What are the exclusions/limitations? 
Rips, tears, or punctures unrelated to manufacturing defects. Mold and mildew, material bleaching / fading / discoloration due to improper use, care, storage, or UV exposure. 
Product misuse whether intentional, accidental, or through common negligence. 
Repairs, modifications, or alterations by any person other than Cloud 9.  
Return shipping costs will be at the customer’s expense. 

Are photos required for non-motion issues?
Yes. Photos of all sides of the product for each affected quantity must be presented for review. In some instances, we may require the product(s) to be returned to our facility.  

Who authorized the Warranty? 
Mix Wholesale 

Any additional policies, legalities or procedures that seem relevant.

Contact information for warranty inquires: